Editor's Note (5/28/06): Hi, I'm Frank Edward Nora, editor of New Time Radio. I started my first Internet talk radio station, Bluffcosm, back in March of 2000. A year later, I began the links page that eventually became "New Time Radio" (here is an archive of that first page.) Before podcasting, there weren't that many Internet talk radio shows, so it wasn't too hard keeping the links up to date. But since podcasting took off in October 2004, I haven't been able to keep up, and other sites (such as Podcast Pickle) have far surpassed New Time Radio with the scope of their links and directories. The reason I don't have that much time for this site is that I do my own daily podcast call The Overnightscape. So, while I will keep the site going, for now I am only going to add shows that I feel are especially worthy of listing. And as usual, dead links are never removed, just put in a separate section - some interesting info on the history of Internet talk radio!

Editor's Note (5/19/07): Well it's been about a year with no updates to this site. I am still doing on my show, The Overnightscape - which is almost at episode 600! I just wanted to say that I have no plans right now to make any further updates on this New Time Radio site, but I will keep the site up and running on an ongoing basis. And who knows what the future might bring!

(For more information on Podcasting, check out the Wikipedia article on podcasting. This old version of the article is an interesting snapshot of the early days of podcasting.)

The Overnightscape - Join host Frank Edward Nora on a pleasantly insane ramble through the mysteries of life, culture, current events, beverages, malls, and beyond! A brand new half-hour show every day for your addictive listening pleasure. (This is my show, so I figured I'd put it first!)

Techy2 - "Join JADonnelly (madpod.com) and Frank Edward Nora (overnightscape.com) for the lastest crap and kudos in the tech world and podcasting."

MADPOD.com Podcasting NYC - "Don't Get Mad, Get Media, Madpod.com. Join James A. Donnelly and Shadoe Steele, with rare interviews from past and present. Indie music, humor crap and kudos from NYC. Released every Monday, Wednesday and Friday Eastern."

Dummycast - "Entertainment Video Podcast, Sex(y)Tech, Music, and a Dummy! Humor, Animation, History Past and Present."

Crap and Stuff - "Part of the New Time Radio phenomenon, Crap and Stuff is a one-person audio show that's not on the radio, but available as a file stream or download."

SITFUSO - "Audio programme that defies logic, common sense, and good taste." It's like a modern, New Time Radio version of "Monty Python's Flying Circus". 5 episodes so far, check 'em out!

The Rubenerd Show - "A weekly talk radio show on life and technology. Hosted and produced by Ruben Schade."

The Paunch Stevenson Show - "Zany, ridiculous, stupid, silly, and more!  A new 24-minute episode every Monday morning."

Hate The Radio - "An entertaining weekly talk show podcast featuring stong opinions, independent music and the cringe worthy humor of the hosts."

The MAACP Show! - "Michael Anthony And Chris Paulus - The MAACP Show! Anti-Radio Radio. The Blind Leading The Stupid."

The Obtuse Angle - "A man with one functional brain cell expounds upon life, liberty and the pursuit of coherence."

Sound Pollution - "We Interview local music talent and get them hooked up on the Podsafe Music Network. We also rant, rave and review."

The Meandering Mouse - "Disney World / Disneyland Park Fun / Disney Commentary"

Schnauzer Logic - "A weekly talk/comedy/entertainment program hosted by a straight, white, buddhist, vegetarian, lesbian fraternity boy trapped in the body of a recovering transsexual woman patent attorney with a bizarre sense of humor, and a masters degree in city planning. Previously heard along the central coast of California on KSCO-AM1080, now reborn as a Podcast in an attempt to convince my mom that I'm not simply sitting in my bedroom talking to myself!"

Rumor Girls UNCUT - "Audio Podcast - Karla and Karen host an uncut and uncensored after party audio podcast. Special guests stop by and anything goes, if you enjoy the Rumor Girls Video Podcast, check out this audio show where the girls get a chance to let their hair down and really say what is on their mind."

Media Artist Secrets - "A podcast for creative media artists involved in photography, animation, graphic design, music, broadcast, moviemaking and other multimedia. Media Artist Secrets provides inspiration, tells how to market your talents, fine-tune your vision, advance your skills and share your creations with the world. This podcast is about 'Creative Business'"

A Career in the Weeklies - This is one of the best audio shows out there! Here's what it's about: "Episodic comedy adventure soap opera that tells the story of Eric Shea, and his strange career with a weekly Toronto paper called THE ANTI-NEWS WEEKLY. The paper was founded by an enigmatic madman named Johnny Whispers. The stories revolve around Eric and Johnny's efforts to make the newspaper into the most hated institution in the city." Now podcasting some episodes:

Static Internet Radio - Great weekly show with Bob and Miles, two midwesterners that talk about their lives and all sorts of stuff. New show every Wednesday, plus an archive of about a year's worth of shows, in Quicktime format. Always a great listen! (Click the "OLD" link to find MP3s)

Podcast NYC - "A multi channel podcast network serving up original audio content, fresh and hot like a good New York slice of pizza!" Visit this link for a number of different feeds.

Beware of the Babylon Podcast! - "The most fantastic half-hour of fun, laughs, and famous people randomly appearing for no reason at all from a different location LIVE ON TAPE in New York City. Combines the talent of Todd from Bewareoftheblog.com and Rachel from NYCBabylon.com"

Rocketboom - "Rocketboom is a three minute daily videoblog based in New York City. We cover and create a wide range of information and commentary from top news stories to quirky internet culture."

Soccergirl, Incorporated - "I roll it bionically for your listening pleasure, homes."

Cotolo Chronicles - "Radio veteran Frank Cotolo returns to the airwaves after almost two decades to put the internet community in its place. This isn't just any old talk show, it's a roller coaster for the ears and senses. Frank takes matters of the new technology apart, digit by digit, turns the indie business and pleasure communities upside down and addresses contemporary topics with a fiery flick of a tongue and a torrid turn of a phrase. Humor, controversy, honesty and audacity are weapons he uses with dead accuracy."

Bibb and Yaz Take Over the World! - Comedy talk show podcast.

Dailysonic, An MP3zine - "A free daily MP3zine for the hip and eclectic. Featuring news, independent and underground music, fringe culture, interviews, technology, travel, art, and more."

The Michael Anthony Show - "Against the grain since 1987" - A mostly political and Free Speech oriented talk show mixed with independent and unsigned artists. Once described this way; "Michael Anthony makes Howard Stern look like a Sunday School teacher." Several complete shows available as MP3.

Digital Flotsam - "A vast compendium of Digital Flotsam."

Tourist In The City - "4 to 14+ minute sound tours of New York and America."

No Holds Barred Radio - New Jersey-based talk/comedy show.

The Goddamn Show - A show on the No Holds Barred Radio Network.

Ghostly Talk - "An internet talk show about the paranormal."

The Delta Park Project - Comedy podcast featuring Jason & Anna.

Scripts & Scruples - Daily soap opera. "The show follows the lives of a group of Manhattanites as they deal with their careers, their romances and their own morality."

Dawn and Drew Show - "dear inkernet, greetings and welcome to our daily podcast, an internet radio type show! where we, dawn and drew, talk about our day, maybe play some music we've created, and sometimes have a guest or two on. it's freedom of speech at it's finest."

The Dragon Page Radio Talk Show - "Science fiction and fantasy for a new generation! That's what The Dragon Page is all about. What started in Februrary 2002 as a book-focused radio show on an internet-only station has grown into two different science fiction/fantasy talk shows! If science fiction is your bag, we've got your covered on The Dragon Page."

TheCommute.org - Two guys talking in a car on a commute.

A View From The Religious Left - Sermons by the Rev. Dr. Randolph W.B.Becker of the Unitarian Universalist Community Church.

TedPod - "A little bit of everything organic show from Ireland, comedy talk music etc"

Firesign Theatre podCast - "The Grammy-nominated anarcho-satiric comedy troupe Firesign Theatre offers audio clips from their new and classic albums and radio performances. The Future Fair! You may already be there!"

MARINA's Podcasts - Artist Studio Podcasts and Workout Podcasts. Visit site for a number of different feeds.

TheGroove - "An hour of the best of today's r&b and classic soul with Suzy Chase!"

The Ken and Squip Show - "A bicoastal comedy podcast from the nether regions of the universe"

Radio Zero - "Radio Zero with Rose and Rick from Poster Children has been online since 1998 and recently began broadcasting on WPGU-FM in Champaign, IL. RadioZero features random talk about music, politics, and everything else."

Vox Monitor - "A fast and funny Podcast Review Show hosted by Eric and Cohry."

The K.N.I.G.H.T.S. Show - Interesting talk show.

NotesfromSpain.com - "Living in Spain, sound seeing tours in Spain, news and comment. The first English podcast from one of the greatest countries in Europe."

Pacific Coast Hellway - "Uncensored angst from L.A.'s fast lane. Hosted by author Mark Yoshimoto Nemcoff"

Radio Memories Podcast - "Journey Through Time Filled With Memories"

Geek Speak Radio - "Podcast from a couple of Geeks about the stuff we like"

Nobody Likes Onions - "It's like taking a cold shower in sarcasm."

OtakuGeneration - "Otaku candy for your ears!! Anime, Gaming, J-Pop/Rock, and all around Geekyness!! Weekly, and every Wednesday!"

The Sound of Young America - "The meeting point between Conan O'Brien and Terry Gross -- in-depth and hilarious interviews and original comedy.."

Mad Kane Political Satire, Song Parodies, Legal Humor, and News Related Limericks - "Humorist, Political Satirist, and Recovering Lawyer Madeleine Begun Kane brings you the Mad Kane Podcast: Political Humor, Legal Humor, Commentary on the News, Song Parodies, and Limericks from MadKane.com"

Top Of The Pods - "Top Ten Lists daily from www.topofthepods.com. From the obscure to the damn right bandwagon popular, our Top Tens leave the rest for dust. Our views, our reviews - our Top Tens. Email Jon and Rob at topofthepods@gmail.com with your feedback, lists, opinions, ideas, thoughts, death threats and JPEG's of your girlfriend."

Already in Progress - "Weekly Comedy Podcast, chronicling the lives of Jason, Gary, and company."

PodMasti : Indian Podcast - "Do you want to hear about the latest stuffs going on in India? Now you can Listen - Plugin and Hang On!!! All about India and everything Indian! Outsourcing, Business in India, NRIs, People & Places, Entertainment, Bollywood, Sports, Cricket, Tennis, Formula 1, Vacations, Holidays, hotel bookings, Chats, Celebrities, US Visas, Career Guide, Recipes, Indian Recipes, Indian food, and MORE..."

Techpod Podcast for Teachers - "Live From The Bronx - Ed Tech You Can Use!"

AllTalkRadio.net - Variety of talk shows. Variety of podcasts available.

Decoder Ring Theatre - "Modern Audio Drama in the OTR Tradition"

Star Trek: The Section 31 Files - "These are desperate times. We are the desperate measure. This is Star Trek fan fiction from DarkerProjects.com."

Star Trek: Pioneers - "Star Trek: Pioneers is a fan audio series that has become one of the largest Star Trek fan productions to date."

Darker Projects' Night Terrors - "An Anthology of Horror and Suspense: You live in a land of light and warmth for a third of your life, Another third is spent in the loving embrace of the darkness. But there is a THIRD Portion, seperate and distinct from the others, a land of shadow and mystery. A place where your wildest imaginings can become a NIGHT TERROR."

Darker Projects: Generation 1 - "In the year 2115, the Earth went mad. Volcanic eruptions, title waves, massive pockets of radiation erupted on the surface. Many children were placed in ten biodomes to wait out the cataclysm until the day that Humans could reclaim the Earth. But what awaits them and their guardian guides? Did anyone or anything survive from the old times? How will they live? This is their story. This is the story of Generation 1."

ONLINERZ - "A rough guide to online life from the secrets of chat to what goes on in those dark alleys you've heard about."

IMAO Podcast - "Politically-incorrect alternative comedy written and performed by IMAO Bloggers."

Teknikal Diffikulties - "Rapid-fire experimental absurdist sketch comedy clogged with trash culture debris."

Podictionary - "Podictionary is the podcast for logophiles (a logophile is a word lover). It's minute or two of talk every day on the unexpected history - the etymology - of familiar words. As well as word histories and etymologies podictionary peeks into related trivia and each idiom, phrase, saying or expression that might relate to the word of the day. A word a day for a minute or two - perfect for word lovers."

Channel Chaos - "Weekly Podcasting Chaos on the Internet"

PodCacher - "We bring podcasting to geocachers, and geocaching to podcasters ..."

Desolate METROPOLIS - "A fresh and daring drama by Scott A. Josephson, which mocks the Fashion Industry. Set in Greenwich Village, an eclectic blend of stylish couture enthusiasts, cynics, poets, and miraculous minds exchange souls in a tale as darkly delicious as it is haunting and hilarious."

The Tech Night Owl LIVE - "On The Tech Night Owl LIVE, best-selling author and columnist Gene Steinberg (the Owl himself) and his son Grayson voice their thought-provoking views of the technology universe and interview the movers and shakers of the technology industry."

The Mep Report - "The Mep Report is a lively, spirited discussion-driven podcast on a variety of subjects. Unpredictable, unrehearsed, and off-the-cuff, The Mep Report ranges in topics from baseball to politics, from movies to the internet. All the while, the quick wits and fiery tongues of the Meppers will keep you off your seat and in the aisles!"

Kinky Sex Radio - "It's a frank, honest and sometimes graphic discussion of sex."

the Bionic Genius Roundtable - "We talk about (and make fun of) comedy, music, books, art, movies and TV, but we also write and produce our own original comedy sketches, jokes and gags. All with a comic air, of course."

Golf for Beginners - "PGA and LPGA Tour commentary, golf tips and information on golf equipment."

King Bonk's CampfireCast - "A surreal half-hour of soundscape, scary and/or scintillating stories, and poetry -- with a little philosophy thrown in the mix to keep you pleasantly confused! Just as your mind wanders when warming your hands by the bonfire, let King Bonk take your mind to strange and distant places -- some of them vaguely familiar, some of them kinda stupid. C'mon, what's not to like? Come to the fire, sit down, gather round, and listen to King Bonk's proving ground for sound."

SWAMI BUBBA - "From the swamps and tobacco barns of Eastern North Carolina, here he comes, just in time... SWAMI BUBBA. News, commentary, music and the occasional complete surprise are the specialty of this good ole boy who's a bit more hip than you might first assume."

Humanist Network News - "Giving reason for humanity. An audio magazine produced by the Institute for Humanist Studies."

about:blank media - Pirates - "A Radio Sitcom about Pirates. Following the hapless Sinclair C Fyfe as he adjusts to life in the 17th century Caribbean with his friend Pirate/Farmer Anton Decke and Govenor Ceefax. about:blank media is a comedy website specializing in Podcasts featuring Radio Sketch Shows and Radio Sitcoms."

Kincaid, by Rathbone - "KINCAID tells the story of three lads from Porty: JOHN FRANCIS: who went on to become the Banana Block Killer, Scotland's longest serving prisoner. He killed his wife, their baby and her family. But he had his reasons.... MICHAEL KERRIM: Mike held the secret to a fortune, but unfortunately died in an accident on the promenade before he could act on it. His father had been murdered. Was Mike's death an accident? Steven CORBY: The naive innocent, caught between the two and living his life in complete bewilderment. ALEX KINCAID is employed by Lothians and Border Police to investigate and tie up loose ends. He is quite enjoying investigating this case until, that is, he realises that he is connected to all three."

The Bizarro World Of Psycho Dave - Comedy show.

The Bill And Dan Show - "Comedians Bill Arrundale and Dan Swartwout discuss the comedy scene, popular culture, and current events."

The Bob Freeman Show - "A controversial talk show focusing on current events and the lives of show's hosts."

Sundown Lounge - "Sundown Lounge is a laid back (and often explicit) weekly podzine of music, spoken word, progressive politics, weird science, and vignettes from the west coast open mic scene, etc."

The Wilflipson Show - "Hilarious and edgy sketch-comedy show, reminiscent of early Saturday Night Live and National Lampoon."

The Nightsound Show - "Live from Carrboro, NC, an hour of eclectic local music, politics, and interviews."

Puckertime - "Bridge the Generation Gap with a 42 year old and his 18 year old son."

Pendant Productions - "Pendant is an audio production group dedicated to making radio dramas like the old radio serials of the '30s and '40s. Our first project was based around our mutual love of Star Trek." See site for a several different podcasts.

The Monkey Box - "The Best Sketch Comedy In Podcasting... maybe the world."

It's All About Marta (and me) - "In Marta's World, it's all about her. Fortunately, the only place that world exists is inside her head!"

Daily Podcast From Another Place -

There are some great shows out there that haven't jumped on board the podcasting phenomenon - but you can still download 'em manually and put 'em on your iPod!

RetroGaming Radio - This is quintessential New Time Radio! A show all about classic video games, hosted by Shane R. Monroe. Many episodes are available as free MP3 downloads. The rest can be purchased on CD-ROM.

Celluloid Dreams - "A public affairs radio program celebrating the art of film and the movie-going experience."

The Wonder Fears - 40-minute audio drama. "The whole story is based from a perspective of a child of 9-13 years old - much like the TV show, 'The Wonder Years' - at a time when monsters and scary situations are far too real."

Apotheosis - A hyperactive "intellectual comedy" kind of audio drama. Actually quite good. Free lo-fi streaming, with audio CDs available for purchase.

Digital Llama Radio - Two different shows. "Fanfilm Radio" is all about the world of Star Wars fan films. "Player's Guide" is all about role-playing games and the like. Both feature a bunch of inspired geeks being goofy. As far as I can tell, all shows are freely downloadable as MP3. UPDATE: Their old site is down, and it looks like the new site (hosted by TheForce.net) only has Fanfilm Radio, and not Player's Guide...


The BobAndAJ Show - "podcasting from the frozen hinterlands where hockey is usually played"

HomeNetworkHelp.Info - "A podcast focused on creating, managing, and securing everything related to your home network, devices, and computers. Includes listener submitted questions, equipment reviews, news, etc., for all your home technology needs."

High Octane Trading (HOT) Radio - "HOT Radio... It's the Only Podcast You Can Take to the Bank!"

(((HearingVoices))) - "Radio Audities: Personal Visions and Collective Fantasies. New stories added every Monday."

Grape Radio - "The Wine Show, Sharing Passion for Wine."

Distorted View Daily - "Everyday Distorted View scours the web for strange-but-true news stories and then report them to you in an easy to swallow 5-10 minute podcast, complete with my own commentary."

podcast411 - "Our podcast and site is centered around podcasters and podcasting. Static link to latest podcast: http://www.podcast411.com/current.mp3"

EatFeed - "The food podcast that takes you back in time, across the country, around the world, and back to your own table."

Paul C Music - "Music produced by electronic and drum & bass artist Paul Cooper. He has written music for various projects including Matrix: Revolutions, Spider-Man Collector's Edition and The Ultimate Matrix Collection."

MVB Radio - Podcast of MyVirtualBand.com - "MyVirtualBand.com promotes the creation of open source music through online collaboration. Musicians and recording hobbyists from all over the world contribute to the songs. The MVB Radio podcast highlights some of the songs created through MyVirtualBand.com."

Work at Home Moms Internet Talk Radio -

Lifespring! - Religious podcast about Jesus and stuff.

IncipitBlog - "about podcasting french audio books"

Polymorphic Podcast - "Object oriented development, architecture, and best practices -featuring .net framework."

The Marty Roberts Show on Israel News Radio - "Direct From Israel The latest Israel news and information, direct from Israel, on-demand. Radio shows on Israel, Judaism, Torah, Bible, aliyah and more. News, information and commentary-with host Marty Roberts. Features about science, health, humor, the arts and religion-ALL in and about Israel."

The Ponderplace Podcast - "The ponderplace is where we take a look into news, as well as rant about the tales of the odd and moronic in everyday life."

Cow Pie Radio - "It's warm, it's fresh, it's Cow Pie Radio - Buck Howdy's award winning weekly kids' radio program. Buck describes it as being like an old-fashioned family campfire, but on the radio. Come back often and bring a friend!"

In Perpetual Motion - "Underground / indie music radio show from Detroit"

IndiePodcasting.com - "Music Podcasting and Promotion for Unsigned and Indie Bands"

Pod Heads Radio - "New music, radio talk, topics of interest, and a forum for YOU!"

The Jiggy Jaguar Show - "You'll have to listen and figure out this show for yourself. Nonstop wackiness."

The Peanut Gallery - "Featuring a new story every Sunday evening. Our stories will reside in the gray area of tall tales and plausible lies that can be found between fiction and non-fiction."

MyMacGuys Podcast - "Two long time friends share stories and create lively discussion centered around the theme of Apple Macintosh computers"

Simulacrum - "Interviews with the worlds biggest stars! Chris 'Friend Of The Stars' Skinner hosts."

Sci-Fi Talk - "Talk Show on Sci-Fi, Fantasy And Horror Movies and TV"

Intraspectus Psychotherapy Podcast - "Covers topics related to psychotherapy and mental health."

Maine Info - "All thing Maine - a weekly discussion of upcoming events, along with a little music created by Maine musicians."

EZHelp, You and More Radio Show - "2 hours of talk comedy broadcasted every Sunday at 11:00 am EST. Join Daisy, Mystery Tramp, Justaguy, Wacky Lud and your host Big Bob and listen to weekly Bozo Awards, Twisted Look at the News, Web Links and Audio Grab Bag segments."

DAGNABBIT! - "We have a hot, fresh, crusty episode just waiting for you. Come on in, and enjoy our skillfully crafted product, hand-tooled by a well-trained and capable malcontent."

Sports Bloggers Live - "The World's First Interactive, Sports Talk Bloggers Show."

Bandana Blues - "Blueswax's Beardo invites you on a musical journey every week for over an hour of CD quality, 21st Century Blues with a nod to The Masters. Join him and Spiner, his co-host from The Hague, for your dose of all that is blue!"

MacPhilly Almost Live - "MacPhilly, a switcher with attitude and former Advanced Windoze instructor, gets you up to date with cool Mac interviews, hot tips and spot on product reviews."

Israelisms - "Charley & Carol's irreverent weekly podcast of everyday life and politics in that wacky place we like to call...Israel."

ThePodcastNetwork :: Claybourne - "A sci-fi / supernatural thriller / soap opera podcast drama"

Tom Corven - "It is an audiobook original, written and narrated by Paul Story and posted chapter by chapter as each is completed (Mondays and Thursdays). A boy lost in the wilderness of Scotland. He does not know who he is or how he got there. A girl and a man in a remote cottage, their strange relationship as much a mystery as the ghosts haunting the boy's every move. And then there are the horrific thoughts bubbling from his subconscious; thoughts that might reveal the evil his mind would rather forget."

The Retro Podcast - "discuss retro furniture, pottery, art, glass, and metal"

DVD Talk Radio - "DVD Talk Radio features: talk about DVDs, DVD reviews, news and columns - plus interviews with actors, producers and directors."

A World of Possibilities - "A World of Possibilities is an award-winning one hour weekly radio program that penetrates behind the headlines to uncover the deeper meanings of events. It offers in-depth analysis, informed commentary and an exploration of new approaches to our most challenging problems. Our aim is to open minds and inspire new possibilities."

ACIDplanet Podcasts - "Each of our podcasts contains five original songs by ACIDplanet artists, with a brief introduction containing each song's title and the artist's name. We'll be starting out with Electronica, and will expand into other genres as we go along. ACIDplanet.com is the premier web site for musicians and video artists. Visit ACIDplanet.com to upload and share your music, enter remix contests, and collaborate with other artists from around the world. ACIDplanet ProZone members get FREE Podcast hosting."

Musicians Cooler - "Trading insights on technology, internet sites, marketing ideas, and everything else regarding running your band, getting more gigs, and building a fan base. In a nutshell, it's music, marketing, and mentoring. It's where musicians trade advice."

Tales from the Motherboard Podcast - "The Internet related podcast produced by geeks for geeks with a uniquely Canadian perspective!"

JediTrainer.com - Rediscover Ancient Wisdom - "A collection of deep thoughts from a blend of ancient Huna, Christianity, Buddism, Zen, and a dash of Hinduism."

Greenwich Village Idiot - "A new podcast about New York City, the Village, and all that jazz. A ham on wry." -

These sites all have at least some MP3s to download. (Though some may be hidden behind M3Us)

Brocket99.net - All about a controversial underground tape from 1986 which parodies an Indian reservation radio station in Alberta, Canada. Definitely worth checking out. MP3 downloads of the entire tape are available.

Opsound - Open Sound Resource - "Opsound is a record label using an open source, copyleft model, an experiment in practical gift economics, a laboratory for new ways of releasing music." A very interesting idea. Mostly music, but some stuff that kind of veers into this list's territory...

The Hour of Slack - "The Church of the SubGenius Radio Ministry". Is it a fake cult pretending to be a real cult, or the other way around?

Radio Tiki - "Eclectic news and humor".

The Soul Patrol - Internet audio comedy series.

ZBS - Contemporary audio drama.

Not From Space - Audio movie, available on CD. Free samples available.

NAKEDGREMLIN! - Interview with Javier - A short audio documentary worth a listen. Looks to be the only audio thing on the site.

Attica Rebellion audio documentary - "29-minute documentary about the origins of the modern anti-prison movement."

Freedom Archives - "The Freedom Archives contain over 5000 hours of audiotapes. These recordings date from the late-60s to the mid-90s and chronicle the progressive history of the Bay Area, the United States, and international solidarity movements. The collection includes weekly news/ poetry/ music programs broadcast on several educational radio stations; in-depth interviews and reports on social and cultural issues; diverse activist voices; original and recorded music, poetry, original sound collages; and an extensive La Raza collection."

The Radio Trip - Broadcast radio show. "The Radio Trip with Ben Churchill featuring Comedy Bits, Web Parodies, Sound Bites, & Literature." Interesting radio show with lots of MP3 clips and Real streaming shows.

Mike Hodel's Hour 25 - Broadcast radio show. "Science Fiction Radio for Southern California since 1972."

Coyote Radio Theater - Audio theater group from Arizona. Some MP3 samples available.

DJ Chris Reardon - Daily radio show.

Lots of good stuff, but unfortunately these sites don't offer their content as MP3 downloads. Most of this stuff you will need to listen to on your computer as opposed to using a portable/car player. [audio technology, as best I can determine, in brackets]

Prophecy Keepers Radio - "Weekly Talk Radio Show about Native Prophecy - and about the visit 200 years ago of our White Bearded God whom we call 'The God of Wind and Waters' from a strictly Native American point-of-view." UPDATE 11/4/04 - There don't seems to be any MP3 archives of shows on the site anymore, at least that I could find.

BUFO Paranormal & UFO Radio - Great site with daily audio updates, interviews, archives, and more! Hosted by Mary Sutherland, director of the Burlington UFO and Paranormal Research Center. [Windows Media (.wma)]

Team Sportscast Network - Live coverage of Quake-type games. Strangely entertaining to listen to! [Internet Stream]

Jerry Pippin's Adventures in Internet Broadcasting - "Jerry Pippin's Adventures in Internet Broadcasting is your unique, on demand source of 24/7 INTERNET RADIO VARIETY ENTERTAINMENT, featuring Guest Personalities, Current Events and Politics, Memories of the 20th Century, Old Time Radio Shows, the Esoteric, the Paranormal, and the Internet's number one source for current UFO information, the UFO-Files Show." [Internet Stream]

The Daily Feed - Audio political cartoons... something like that... [Real]

Anime Radio - Show about anime. [Real]

radio-quality.co.uk - "The Internet Radio Magazine" [Real]

Ebon Storms - Fantasy audio drama. CD's available for purchase, plus samples in a variety of formats. Complete drama aired on Live365.com (for paying listeners only, since the recent policy change). Only 3 sample tracks on MP3.com, because they also had a recent policy change. [Real]

Audible.com - "Pay to download" site that uses a proprietary format. Wide range of non-music audio content. [Propriety Format]

The LodesTone Catalog - Audio theater site. [---]

Crazy Dog Audio Theatre - Irish audio drama company. Check out their "Masterpiece Gallery", a great guide to the "greatest productions conceived specifically for audio". [Web-Based Stream]

Audio Theater - Lots of stuff about about audio theater. [---]

Radio Tales - Audio theater. [???]

Ultimate SciFi new time radio - Guide to sci-fi audio drama. [Internet Stream]

Shoestring Radio Theatre Corporation - Audio theater. [Real]

Oneword - British digital radio station... [Internet Stream]

WGDS - Wiccan Pagan Internet Radio. [Real]

Radio Repertory Company of America - "Producers of Original Full-Cast Audio Dramatizations." Free excerpts available. [Real]

The George Ministeri Show - George Ministeri is an internationally acclaimed psychic, clairvoyant, and psychometrist. He is adept at clairaudio, telepathy, dream analysis, and some forms of mediumship. He has been a leading influence in the metaphysical field for more than 25 years. Tune in Sundays from 3:30 PM EST to 5:00 PM EST to listen to George Ministeri's Live Internet broadcast. [Internet Stream]

Radio2 - "Alternative Audio". Interesting older versions on Archive.org HERE. [Real]

Virtually Audio - A variety of audio productions. (Formerly "Virtually American")


Weblogs.com Recently Updated Podcasts... - (formerly "Last 100 Podcasts")

Podcast Bunker

SHOUTcast - Streaming stations. Check out these genres specifically: Comedy - Talk - Spoken

Radio Theater on the Web

Yahoo! News and Media > Internet Broadcasts

Yahoo! Entertainment > Comedy > Internet Broadcasts

Open Directory - Arts:Radio:Internet:Talk_Radio

HumorLinks : CDs and Audio Humor


audiogames.net - "A website that focuses on everything that surrounds audiogaming, such as game reviews, articles, research, downloads, trailers, cheats and more. Currently the biggest online archive of audiogames."

Bavisoft - "Software for the blind and visually impaired." They sell a great PC game called "Grizzly Gulch" which is audio-only, but you don't have to be blind to enjoy it! UPDATE: New game, "Chillingham", available now!

Audyssey Magazine - "Audyssey is a magazine devoted to the discussion of games which, by accident or design, are accessible to blind or vision impaired persons." Definitely a good source for info on audio gaming, though its scope is much wider.

GMA Games - Software company which makes a game called "Shades of Doom", which is apparently an audio game. Other games of theirs could be audio games as well... hard to tell...

The Interactive Audio Game Project - Audio game idea from Autumn 1997.

(With shows/archives available online.)

WFMU Podcasts - Podcasts of several WFMU shows, such as "Audio Kitchen with The Professor", "Antique Phonograph Music Program", and "Jonesville Station". Individual feeds for each show.

How To Speak Hip - Website of a classic vinyl album, where a hipster teaches squares how to speak "hip". Site has a Flash-based page where you can hear the album.

The Audio Kitchen - A wide variety of found audio material, such as childhood tapes, answering machines, people singing songs, etc. Used to be a weekly show on NJ radio station WFMU, now only broadcast infrequently. Still going, with a large archive of shows available in Real format (too bad they're not MP3). Here is the old page. [Real]

Harry Shearer's Le Show - Weekly radio show airing on KCRW, Santa Monica, CA. Over 2 years of show archives online. [Real]

Ken Nordine's Word Jazz - Streaming webcasts of this beat-era cool poet/atmospheric monologuist dude. Very cool, hip stuff. [Windows Media, Quicktime, Real]

Joe Frank - Spoken word audio artist. [Real]

Cigar Radio - Weekly radio show about cigars. [Real]

Note (5/27/06): Since New Time Radio started back in 2001, I have never deleted any links - I just put them in a separate section of stale/dead/suspended links. In the past this section wasn't very big, but recently a TON of podcasts listed on New Time Radio have faded away. I guess it makes sense... a lot of folks jumped on the bandwagon and couldn't keep their shows going. So this section (now with gray background) will be growing longer... (If your show is in here and it shouldn't be, let me know).

These show seem to have suspended operations, or have gone on an extended hiatus.

The Mary and Karla Show - "Two sexy girls who chat about their lives, love and sex, rap music, creative projects, dish the latest gossip and keep it real on their video podcast."

The Short Show - "The Podcast that goes deep into a 12 year old's head."

Magical Theme Park Podcast - "A Weekly Trip Into The Disney Theme Parks and More!"

Caleb's Exdrunkalog - "New! Improved! Crunchier and less megabites! /* You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll stay sober! */"

Area 51 Show - "WE ARE THE UH-OH FEELING!"

The Miller Report - "A daily look at the news of the day both locally and globally. Dave Miller, former Grand Forks radio talk show host is back on the air, well sort of, with his daily report... covering news, politics, sports, entertainment, technology and even the very mundane happenings of life."

The Basement Internet Show - "Eclectic internet talk show featuring interviews with interesting and unusual guests."

Screen Gems - "It's is all about the wonder of narrative film and television, whether drama or comedy, tragedy or musical. It will not present 'reviews' as such, but will present 'appreciations' of the 20th Century's most distinctive and influential collaborative art form - whether that Art was produced for a 72 foot 'silver screen' at the Bijou, or a 12 inch black and white 56 Philco."

In The Treehause with Tuc and Cheryl - "A simple and authentic dialogue between Tuc and Cheryl Treehause; a couple in love with each other and with life. Recorded in bed, delivered in mp3 format 2+ times a week."

Speechless - "Exploring New Instrumental Music"

nomadic_audio - Podcast by Mike Dunn.

Got A Bug Up Your Ass? - "A Weekly Riff on Politics, Technology, and Other Grave Maladies"

The G-Spot - "A podCast about all the great gear that will get you off"

Freak 'n Bitches - "This is an Internet radio show with new episodes weekly. The three main hosts are Freak, The Toddster, and Phil-God. They talk about all sorts of geeky topics like anime, fantasy and science fiction books, comics, and movies, porn, video games, and wierd websites."

Bad Hair Day Podcast - "Ever get up in the morning and just know.... It's going to be a BAD HAIR DAY? Tune in to hear Jenn and Carrie discuss their confusing yet amusing lives. Those looking for educational and helpful commentary need not apply."

The Mistress Blue Radio Show - "Your introduction to BDSM."

Mike Danner's Accordion Crimes - "A web-based music show hosted by the singing and accordion-playing Mike Danner. With each episode Mike sits down with a different guest; they record a bunch of songs, have a conversation, and invite you to listen in on the fun."

Code Red Radio Show - "The program deals with personal saftey, being prepared in an emergency and security matters for home and abroad."

The Hillbilly Chronicles - "Humorous fictional stories by, D L Ennis, from the Mountains of Virginia. Live from Beaverbush and Pigwaller Holler."

NBX Sport Smak One Hitter - "Real Sports Talk"

Frankie Starbuzz Show - "World's GREATEST Entertainment reporter brings you hard-hitting news. Comedy similar to The Daily Show, Adult Swim, South Park"

Other World News - "Horror Radio Drama Podcast"

Technolotics - "Where politics meets technology."

The Animal House Show - "2 Hour Talk Comedy Show hosted by Eric Scot, Carl "The Shot Daddy" and Vodka Joe."

Intaviewed - "Intaviewed is part fiction, part biography, and part reality radio show. Its about a man's journey to find truth at the bottom of a bottle by interviewing those that live there."

Enigma Radio Network's Podcast - "Our host is Kathleen Keating, an international best selling author. Each week she interviews different guests on important topics facing our world."

The Ultimate Barcelona Update - "Online radio and city guide LIVE from Barcelona. Genres range from HipHop, Funk & Soul to House, Techno & Drum n Bass. 24hrs - 7 days a week"

The Blues Shop - "The Blues Shop is a 30 minute show dedicated to playing the best independant blues music available. Hosted by Josh Jones, a radio veteren, this show is just as smooth as the music. The Blues Shop is a production from Absolute Net Radio."

soChicken Pdcst - "A Dutch Podcast, talking about our world weekly in a... ehh... Chicken way! :-)"

Take Control of Your Health - A weekly healthcast, with a focus on birth control and menstrual management.

Footytalk.com.au - "The Worlds First Australian Rules Football Podcast"

The Bazooka Joe Show - "Samizdat radio for the postmodern ear."

small WORLD - "Bazooka Joe interviews people from all walks of life from all around the planet."

solipsisticNATION - "Featuring the very best of all forms of electronica"

The Catlas Podhead Podcast - "Reviewing great websites and useful free downloads."

Pixmo: Music that gets you movin'! - "Our dance feed, which is updated weekly, covers a variety of genres with a high-tech flair. Visit pixmo.com for the latest tracks!"

The BigMoney with JD Hoffman - "Join JD Hoffman in his use of history and humor to combat the ongoing opposition to the creation of wealth. Topics include, Capitalism, Minimum Wage, Freedom, the right to get ripped off!"

The Simian Syndicate - "An original-content music and comedy podcast from Sanity Check Musec, Inc. a small genre-inspecific record label and film studio based in the boonies of Boyce VA (US)."

Kickbiking Podcasts - "A fun look at the sport of Kickbiking, Footbike and Scooter Racing."

BattlingBands.com Artists - "A podcast featuring the artists participating at battlingbands.com"

What They Sang To Me - "Just a simple step through a song -- any song -- and what the words they are singing (and the way they sing them) mean to me."

Wyoming Internet Student Radio - Some interesting audio productions. [Real]

Matt Radio - "Talk. Music. Mattness." Internet radio show with talk and music and... Mattness. Now has 24/7 streaming broadcast. Music... but enough of a talk element to qualify for this list... [Internet Stream]


Listen Up! Brooklyn - Music podcast. "Bringing you Brooklyn's Best, First"

Artemis Radio - Another show about anime. [Real]

Pioneer Radio - "Home to Paranormal and Light Entertainment on the Internet" [Internet Stream]

The John and Keith Show - Gone. Old description: "John and Keith are your typical 25 year old Computer Programmers.... worthless Mountain Dew addicts with severe emotional problems. They spend their 25 hour work weeks being ridiculed at a corporation that's bigger than Al Roker's head. Well, in order for them to fight back (.... kinda), they've decided to start an Internet Talk Radio show! Hailing from the San Francisco of the Mid-west (a.k.a Columbus, OH), you can listen in on John and Keith touch on the important subjects in life.... like knife fights and bath houses!" [Web-Based and Internet Streams]

DARKSHAPESPROWL.COM - The site is still there with a bunch of interesting photos, but there is no sign of the podcast. Here's the old description: "I would describe my show as a one man show with maybe a few guests popping up every once in a while. I just want everyone to hear songs that make you want to shake your ass, cry, love one another, or simply just make you want to rock. And the vast majority of these songs are hopefully unique songs that not everyone has heard. Enjoy."

Soundings - "The Audio Theatre of Jeff Green."

mypodsforecast - "My nuts could change your life... Enjoy!" (Apparently, this podcast is about a guy using his testicles to predict the future)

Joey Manley's Web Show Guide

GBC Sports - Another site with live coverage of Quake-type games. [Internet Stream]

Niller Time - "My Life, Daily Events, and whatever all else I feel like puttin up"

shan12stoneslove's Podcast - "My podcast is about baseball, music and my life as a single gal."

The Dollar Show - "controversial radio talk show discussing sex, sports, politics & whatever"

Montie's blog - "This blog is from the www.NCSingleParent.com website, It is aimed at Single Parents in North Carolina (NC) and at those going through or recovering and healing from separation and divorce. The blog is also intended as a warning of the difficulties of divorce and single parenting for those who are sitting on the fence thinking about leaving workable marriages."

the doo doo def show - "Three old, jaded and bitter hip hop heads talk about their experiences and host a competition for emerging MCs."

(Not updated in a long time, but still stuff to listen to.)

SciFi.com's Seeing Ear Theatre - High-profile and somewhat ponderous, but interesting nonetheless. The site is still up and running, but judging from message board posts, it seems that site updates and new content stopped in mid-2001, with no explanation. [Real]

InterNut Radio - "Funny web radio!" Mostly dead links. [Real]

Crunchy Frog Comedy - Audio comedy.

(Sites that have disappeared or suspended operations.)

Radiokook - Audio comedy from San Francisco. Fate unknown. ARCHIVE

Giant Steps - British audio comedy "saga". Dry humor. Site gone. ARCHIVE

eYada.com - High-profile online talk radio. Went out of business and shut down in July 2001. ARCHIVE

The VaudeVillains - "Online audio comedy troupe presenting original humor written and performed by sick, sick people." Site gone. ARCHIVE

Preservatory.com - Very cool site that shut down in Fall 2001. They had a variety of audio features from the vaults of the Canadian Broadcasting Company. The archive.org site backups can give you an idea of what it was about. ARCHIVE

Audio Cinema(TM) - Hmm... claiming a trademark on the term "Audio Cinema"... but the site looks deader than a doornail... ARCHIVE

Yack.com - Guide to Internet broadcasts. Looks to be gone. ARCHIVE

Vanishing Harold - Canadian improv sketch comedy. Good stuff, but hasn't been updated in a long time. UPDATE 12/27/03 - Looks like the site is down. ARCHIVE

Hyphenated-American Radio - "Listen to our 'In Your Mouth!' internet radio show 24/7!" There seems to be a fairly recent show in the archive (as of July 2003), in which they talk about, among other things, the demise of antennaradio.com, where they had been "syndicated" at one point. UPDATE: Looks to be gone. ARCHIVE

James Randi Internet Audio "Radio" Show - The Amazing Randi proves that psychic powers are fake... something like that... UPDATE: Show archives available.

Zero Point Radio - "Your 24/7 Conspiracy, Paranormal and UFO Talk Radio Station" UPDATE: Looks dead.

Cheese Reels - Movie reviews and more. UPDATE: Gone?

X2Radio - With Nate and Ferg, from Times Square, NYC.

The Dave and Ward Show - Internet comedy radio show. "Funny guys".

Radio Free OZ - A very, very confusing site that seems to have material from Firesign Theater on it. Firesign Theater is a high-profile "intellectual comedy" group that started in the late 60s. [Real]

(Note: This site used to be called "Jaloppio", but was changed to "New Time Radio" on 9/15/03. We changed our focus to MP3-based shows on 4/7/04. This page began as "BLUFFCOSM INTERNET AUDIO LINKS " on 3/25/01. On 6/26/05 the color scheme was changed from orange/black/purple to black/white/green.)

Interested in what was around before podcasting came along? Here's a copy of the last version of New Time Radio before the podcasting revolution arrived.

And here is the very first version of New Time Radio from March 25, 2001. It's interesting to note that several of these shows still live on as podcasts!

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