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Who else out there is doing stuff similar to
March 2001

I've been searching the Internet... and I've found a bunch of sites that are kind of on the same wavelength as Bluffcosm. All these sites have stuff you can listen to online (at the time I'm writing this). But be warned... much of it SUCKS! There are a few cool sites though...

Audio comedy and more... the site is somewhat puzzling... This link provides some more explanation.

The Audio Kitchen
Childhood tape recordings and more... some very cool material...'s Seeing Eye Theatre
High-profile and somewhat ponderous, but interesting nonetheless.

A hyperactive "intellectual comedy" kind of audio drama.

Giant Steps
British audio comedy "saga". Dry humor.
High-profile online talk radio. Recently scaled back their operations. Their billboards in NYC really, really suck.

Radio Free OZ
A very, very confusing site that seems to have material from Firesign Theater on it. Firesign Theater is a high-profile "intellectual comedy" group that started in the late 60s.

The Daily Feed
Audio political cartoons... something like that...

Radio Theater on the Web
An interesting page with TONS of cool links.

The VaudeVillains
Audio comedy team with a goddamn annoying Flash intro on their page.

Static Internet Radio
Online radio show from the midwest. First impression: not as godawful as most of this stuff.

The Soul Patrol
Internet audio comedy series.

The Dave and Ward Show
Internet comedy radio show.

Yahoo! Entertainment > Comedy > Internet Broadcasts
Links (and dead links).

Open Directory - Computers: Internet: Broadcasting: Audio Shows: Comedy
Links (and dead links).

The Hour of Slack
"The Church of the SubGenius Radio Ministry". A wacky cult, but a cult nonetheless.

HumorLinks : CDs and Audio Humor
Links. The site friggin' frames the sites it links to... BASTARDS!

Vanishing Harold
Canadian improv sketch comedy.

The Schnauzer Logic Radio Company
Online talk radio show that has been on hiatus for a long time, but the creator says in his Yahoo club that it will continue someday.

Harry Shearer's Le Show
Weekly radio show with an online archive dating back to 1995. Yes, this is THE Harry Shearer, star of Spinal Tap.

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